Flowers Fond We Are of Each Other - Set of 2 Unique Pink Rose Arrangements -

Fond We Are of Each Other - Set of 2 Unique Pink Rose Arrangements

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I love you in all your glory, and I love you in your utmost simplicity. We are fond of each other, unconditionally, daily, forever, and afterwards. Does this speak of your love for your sweetheart? Well, sure it does. Get this set of arrangements to say all of this and more this Valentine's Day.

Contains Flower arrangement of 70-80 stems of Pink Spray Roses in two different boxes


Engraving results vary depending on the picture provided. High resolution pictures preferably on light/white background work the best.

Number of flowers are an estimate in case of box or other container type arrangements as the actual number depends on the size of the flowers available on the day. However, the number falls in the range mentioned. For bouquets and bunches, we use the exact number as mentioned or selected.

We attempt to create arrangements to look like on the picture but in certain conditions, we may need to make flower substitutions or other wrapping/containing material substitutions as stocks move fast during festivals and other special days.

Colors may vary slightly due to monitor and camera resolutions. Rest-assured, we make every effort to bring you the highest standard and most gorgeous looking product.

Flower Care

Flowers always prefers to stay in temperatures between 8 to 22 degrees Celsius, and always avoid placing the flowers near direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, directly under ceiling fans, or anywhere that has a hot temperature around it.