About Us
We are
 an eCommerce platform for purchase of items related to celebrating occasions when the heart wants to go MABROOK. We prepare all our products with love, care and the realization of your big day and its importance to you at the center of our business.

All items are delivered to the recipients door step in a safe manner specially keeping in consideration the guidelines related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Please check out our online store to find the best collection of baked good, fresh flowers, customized gifts, original artwork and many other gifting products. We keep updating our inventory to bring you the trendiest and the most unique products. So make sure to check us out regularly.

believes truly in the notion of happiness and that it can be spread with simple gestures like including love, originality and value in every order. And while doing that, we ensure we make the planet happy too. We owe at least this to our beloved and only home, our Planet Earth.

is key at mabrook.me and we intend to see a smile on the recipients face when they receive the order and contentment for days after.

is what keeps us together and love is what we deliver. Each order is packed and in most cases even made with hand specially for you and delivered by our staff all with love and the hope to make the experience memorable for you.

is one of the core values at mabrook.me where we believe the best gift is the gift of uniqueness and what's more unique than original. We make most of our products with hand or they are carefully chosen to stand out. We even have artists on board bringing ideas to life all the time.

is key to customer experience and we know that as we are all customers in the end. We know, we understand and we ensure that we give you the best value for your trust in celebrating important days with us.

is our only home for now and we sincerely want to minimize the impact we have on further deteriorating its environment. At mabrook.me, we strive to maximize the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials and urge our customers to do the same. Lets do it together and gift responsibly.