Flowers The Recipe of Love - Roses and Horizontal Bar Necklace -

The Recipe of Love - Roses and Horizontal Bar Necklace

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A beautiful arrangement of flowers surrounding a mannequin holding the personalized necklace you just got for your love. For the one who loves jewelry and every one loves flowers, so just make it perfect for them.

Your gift contains a flowers arrangement on a flat base and a mannequin to hold your gift.

You can choose if you would like the arrangement with or without the necklace.

If you choose to go with the necklace, please provide the text in the message box on this page.

The necklace is made in Italian Sterling Silver and for Gold and Rose Gold colors, it is plated with 18K Gold.

Disclaimer Mannequin designs may vary slightly depending on stocks availability. But rest assured, we will make your arrangement look gorgeous and any substitution made will be equal or greater in value.