Valentine's Day 2021 - Love amidst the Pandemic

Valentine's Day - Love amidst the Pandemic Blog Title represented by an image of Happy Valentine's Day with a syringe through the heart

The pandemic altered our plans for Valentine's Day 2020 and its pretty determined this year too but love knows no bounds. So what do we do this Valentine's Day for those lucky ones who will be celebrating it in person and for those not so lucky ones, or otherwise, who will be celebrating from a distance.

We did see our shopping habits change in 2020 and looks like they are going to stick with us for a while. Lets look at a few trends we believe will be popular this Valentine's Day specially for gifts delivered via the cupid, the cute delivery guy.

Trends for Flowers - Unique Flowers Arrangements & Bunches

Bouquets have been around quite long and we think they are getting a bit stagnant when it comes to innovations. Bouquets are more packaging intensive specially when it comes to plastics and for the environment anxious, its not a top choice anymore and it ain't one for us either. However, we have seen more business, including ours, moving to more paper based wrappings and the innovations, though slow keep coming in and a good looking bouquet is all one needs to say their feelings.

The trend is shifting more towards lovely unique arrangements often marketed as designer florists arrangements or arrangements in various types of paper and wooden boxes. These arrangements are becoming increasingly common for other occasion as well like Birthday, Anniversaries, Mothers Day etc. but the collections done with Red, White and Pink Roses for Valentine's Day turn out extremely gorgeous most of the time. These boxes allow florists to be more creative and must say some of them turn out just awesome. Check out some of our favorites below.

 Valentine's Day Round Box Roses Arrangements

Like box arrangements, bunches give more flexibility to the designer as the stems are fully visible and there is no paper or plastic around the flowers limiting them to work only on the top which is mostly the only visible portion for bouquets. Have a look at some of our favorite bunches as well for the season.

 Red Roses Bunches for Valentine's Day

 Again, this doesn't imply bouquets aren't in and this is the arrangement we believe will do the best this Valentine's Day as well. They can be enormously gorgeous and some may say, old is gold, traditional is eternal and bouquet is always ok. Well we made some of these up, but we agree and thought we would show some of our great bouquets too incase you love the classics.

  Bouquets of Red Roses for Valentine's Day

Trends for Chocolates - Customized, Personalized, Specialized

Each one of us has struggled to find that perfect fit browsing through thousands of products wishing the computer just read your mind and showed you just what you were looking for and since computers are so smart, something even better.

This might not be a far future considering the pace of AI predicting human needs but till then, lets enjoy the era of increased customized, personalized and specialized offering in the e-com scene. Small business are increasingly entering the pool of business offering specialized services at affordable prices and since they are small, they are quicker at adapting and offering custom and personal solutions.

Valentine's Day Chocolates

Similar trend is predominant this year when it comes to Valentine's Day Chocolates. Personalized messages on request and special designs for the occasion with better taste than most big brands available in the supermarkets, is a no brainer. The prices are usually found very competitive as well and even if the prices are slightly higher, these small business often offer more value added services than the big brands e.g. free delivery, free customization, better thoughtful packaging, and more importantly a lot of attention to make it perfect because your order means the world to them.


Trends for Gifts - Motive over Money

Again, this race is won by the thoughtful, meaningful, and personalized goods produced mostly by small businesses. Gifts are not merely a price tag and you regret going overboard in the long term as intrinsic value for most high priced valuables are short lived. It may all work too but the return is not promising for the investment.

 Valentine's Day Personalized Gifts

So what's profitable when it comes to investing behind you hard earned love? The answer is time, meaning, thought, and the will to go the extra mile. They all work wonders to please that special person you have been willing to impress. Add a touch of something that's personal like a name, a date, a simple message or something only the two of you share. The medium can be any and they can be as personalized as you want them to be but a few not-too-hard to find are photo frames, engraved wood and other materials, hand painted canvases on request, mugs, pillows and jewelry. We have a few as well, probably the most customizable collection in town, so do check them out.

 Valentine's Day Combos

While personalized gifts stand out, cute teddies, well selected perfumes, and overall thoughtful combinations of simple items like flowers, chocolates, a teddy and a gift work superbly well too to charm your love.

Gifts don't ever go wrong, if the person at the receiving end is able to see you through them and when they do, you want to be see as your original self. So, be original, invest time, and gift personal value through a meaningful present.


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