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Gender reveal parties are all the rage now.  It is an intimate party of close family and friends and is such a special moment.  We at Mabrook are extremely delighted to be a part of so many gender reveal parties with our wide range of gifts that is sure to make the new parents feel special. 


What does a gender reveal party? 

A gender reveal party is a party held during pregnancy to reveal the baby's sex to the expectant parents' family and friends and sometimes to the parent themselves. 

In UAE, gender reveal gifts are widely arranged or given just after the baby is born too to welcome the baby to this beautiful world. 


Gender Reveal Gifts- Services offered.

  1. Surprise for the entire family: When the parents are ready to be surprised. This popular way to reveal the gender of the baby is fun and exciting- when even the parents do not know the gender and is waiting with everyone else to find out.  We can make a special cake/chocolate bomb/pinata with the gender specific color when a closed envelope is with the baby's gender is given to us by a close relative from the doctor's office. 


  1. Customized gender reveals gifts: We do customized gender reveal gifts to pamper the new mom and dad.  We also had customized gift baskets with baby essentials for the baby.  The baskets can be customized as per your specific needs and budget. We make sure the products that goes in the basket are safe, mom-approved, and special. 


Popular Gender Reveal Gift ideas

We have a wide range of gender reveal/ welcome baby gift ideas either specifying the gender or not.



  1. Flowers: There is no doubt flowers bring a lot of joy.  We have special themed bouquets for this occasion.  The flower arrangements can be customized upon request to match the babies’ gender if the gift is sent after the baby is born.  Gender neutral flower bouquets are also widely popular in gender reveal parties.  Or simply go with a bouquet of your favorited flowers- even red roses for that extra glam to the part!                                              


  1. Cake and other desserts: What's a party without a cake, after all?  Our range of cakes are popular for their fresh taste and aesthetic designs.  We can customize the cake to your needs and flavor choices.  This he/she cake is widely popular at the moment and makes for a perfect cake for the party. Pretty cake pops like these are also quite popular.  Bite sized desserts is a win always.                                                                                                  


  1. Piñatas: Piñatas are the most fun element of a gender reveal party. We provide piñatas in different shapes and the chocolates inside can be customized to the specific gender upon request. Cheer on as the parents break open the piñatas to reveal the gender of the baby. 
  1. Gift baskets: Gift baskets always show you care.  We can custom make the gift basket with treats for the parents and/or essentials for the new parents and baby.  Gift basket will be in accordance with the needs and budget provided.                                                                                                    


        Gender reveal gifts- How to order, Shipping and delivery. 

Shop the whole collection in our website or contact us through WhatsApp/Emails/Calls for a personalized customer service. 

We have same day (conditions apply) and next day shipping and delivery options. Customized cake/gift baskets orders need to be places at least one day in advance. Our delivery team is efficient and will make sure your gifts will reach on tome and as promised. 

We look forward to assisting you. 

Place your orders and let's get the party started! 

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